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Unique Seeds is a 100% Australian owned and operated  business.
Unique Seeds was created to supply gardeners with
"something different" to grow.
I  personally grow these seeds to ensure that the seeds are genuine and to provide on going supply of seeds. Therefore, I am able to guarantee that what you buy will produce  the product advertised.
I guarantee my seeds to arrive in good condition and have a successful germination rate.
(85 -95%)
If you are not satisfied for any reason, even after flowering or fruiting, contact me for a full refund.

Skripter's Say

Australian soils are common in low fertility and lacking in organic matter. Soils are clay and sandy. But native plants have found their way to evolving and grow despite these conditions. This is not a reason to desist in your idea of making your dream garden at home. First, you should plan the garden, dimensions, know the conditions of the area (sunny, shady, fertile) and what you can use it for (plants, vegetables, flowers). Start visualizing your idea on paper and then go into action. A raised garden bed is a great alternative to your garden at home, giving you the perfect area to cultivate roses, tomatoes, strawberries or any other plant you want. Basically, build a low height wood box, install it in any outdoor space and plant your seeds to create your garden. Begin making your own seed raising box, using a Styrofoam box, 4 pages of a newspaper at the bottom and compost or quality soil to germinate your seeds and plant them out later in your garden. Start it today!

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yellow dragonfruit
Yellow Dragonfuit
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White Dragonfruit
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vert garden

7 Pockect Vertical Garden

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